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Dreamfish Award: Capital Regional District

The Capital Regional District was proud to support the Stream of Dreams programming in 2015 at four schools; John Muir Elementary, Port Renfrew Elementary, Brentwood Elementary and Ecole Keating.

Pictured with Louise Towell is Natalie Brandringa, a Watershed Specialist of the Integrated Watershed Management Program with The Capital Regional District.

"We appreciate receiving this award and were pleased to partner with Stream of Dreams to support watershed stewardship across the Capital Region."

In partnership with the Stream of Dreams and with funding support from the RBC Blue Water Project, we were able to provide in-class watershed educational programming to schools reaching far across the Capital Region. Collaborative partnerships like this support the CRD’s corporate service priorities around Education and Outreach, Health and Well-Being and Environmental Protection, to ensure a sustainable, livable and vibrant region.

Through funding support from the RBC Blue Water Project the CRD was able to develop new place-based watersheds K-7 curriculum, with on-line educational resources such as videos and watershed maps.

Keeping it fun, the CRD’s very own Ollie the Otter, the CRD Watershed Warden, rewards children that are active watershed stewards with a personalized letter and an iron-on badge, welcoming them to his team of CRD Watershed Wardens.

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