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The Stream of Dreams program

Eco-Education focusing on local watersheds, streams, rivers and the ocean.

Stream of Dreams is an eco-education program that teaches entire schools and their communities about their local watershed, streams, rivers, and the ocean. We promote behavioural change to conserve and protect water, empower youth to make positive environmental impacts, and create a community art legacy. It’s science, it’s art, and it’s fun! 

Where is your local stream?

Where does the water in the stream come from?

How do storm drains work? 

Where do your household drains lead?

Where does your drinking water come from?

What can we do to protect salmon and water?

What is the life cycle of the Pacific salmon (West coast only) 




Community Art Legacy that supports watershed protection.  

After learning about their local watershed each class is directed to an art room by the Stream of Dreams team. Students get simple instructions about how to work with the paint and then close their eyes and hear the Dream. 









The Dream...


Imagine yourself in a forest. The trees are tall and their branches spread wide. The ground is so soft that you can tiptoe up to a deer and touch its tail. You see a creek, the water is clear and clean, and you can see a fish swimming in it. Maybe it's your Dreamfish?


When you're in the forest you feel welcome because you are never alone in there. It’s the home of the four-legged ones, the winged ones, and the small creatures that crawl under the leaves.

A coyote is drinking water from the creek; she hears you and looks up. You stare at each other. Crows are cawing in the trees and an eagle circles high above. There's a gust of wind and it begins to rain. It's the perfect time to paint a Dreamfish.

                                                                                                                                                                 © 2024


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