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Train the Trainer


Who is the Train the Trainer program for?

Ideal trainees are affiliated with an NGO or government agency that wants to learn how to raise watershed awareness using the Stream of DreamsTM technique.

How does the program work?

  • Stream of Dreams staff will train a team of 2-4 individuals to organize, administer and present the Stream of Dreams program during program delivery and mural installation at a school. Training takes place in the trainees region

  • Training includes a copy of the Stream of Dreams Instructor's Manual and unlimited consulting

  • Potential program providers should expect to spend several days on site for

    the training program

  • Trained instructors will be expected to agree to the terms of the licensing


  • Costs will vary with each community depending on travel arrangements, size of school involved etc

  • Please email or phone 604-522-9420 for more information. 

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