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Hello Honduras!

Stream of Dreams has made it's mark... in Honduras! A volunteer - and retired school principal - Mike from Fraser River Discovery Centre went to Honduras with the mission to develop countries and introduce environmental education to the comminty by providing the Stream of Dreams for these lovely families in El Coyolar, Honduras.

Read Mike's experience and check out some beautiful photos!

"As part of the Sunday kid’s day, with a special time of biblical story time, songs and

activities, piñatas, and outdoor games, we introduced a new component; ecological and

environmental care. Streams are quite common in this hilly country, but depending on the season they dry up a lot. But they are evident everywhere. And these people love their meals of tilapia fish. We introduced the community to the salmon of BC (courtesy of some wonderful posters from Fisheries Canada), the watershed we live in here in the Fraser Valley and tried to draw some comparisons. We talked about ways of protecting the fish and their habitat, including the (sometimes dry) streams.

We had been provided by Stream of Dreams with a complete kit for 40 fish and we had a wonderful time on a sunny Sunday morning painting fish. The oldest participant was 79, a grandfather to many of the kids in the community of about 80. (He shared with a few of us, what life was like when he was one of the first settlers in the area in the 1950’s; no power, no water, no ‘real’ homes!)

Because we had fenced off the areas of the school and the church, including an

area dedicated to an on-line school for grades 7-9 set up by the teams over the five years,

beyond what the government provides we had a perfect backdrop for the Stream of Dreams mural. It went up the same afternoon the activity was held. And immediately we had people

coming to see what they had created. And there was discussion.

Our hope is that as the years go by, the community of El Coyolar, Honduras, will remember what it takes to keep their stream habitat pristine. The day ended with a feast on tilapia fish and fried plantain."

Thanks Mike for sharing your story!

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