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You can't paint a fish until you learn about your watershed and hear the Dreamfish story! 

Stream of Dreams helps communities discover their local watershed. Our teams of program providers and staff inspire young people to become watershed stewards to protect salmon and all aquatic creatures.

Meet our team of Coordinators and Program Providers

Louise Towell
Chief Creative Officer Executive Director  
Stream of Dreams Murals Society
Krystal Brennan
Lower Mainland
Stream of Dreams ​​​
Program Coordinator
Susan Jury 
Stream of Dreams 
Mary Forbes

Cariboo / Prince George 

Stream of Dreams 

Program provider

Karen Tewnion 
Val Schumacher

Calgary Stream of Dreams 

Mural Design team Alberta

Erin Glasser
Credit Valley Conservation
Stream of Dreams
Program Co-ordinator
Allison Roberts
Vancouver Island
Stream of Dreams
Program Co-ordinator
RLC Park Services
Holly Nyenkamp
South Nation Conservation 
Stream of Dreams 
Program Coordinator
This could be you! 
'Train the Trainer'/Mentorship program
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